So humbled!

When this trip was first mentioned it was simply a day dreamers fantasy. It wasn't until moments like checking my email at 1:36 AM and seeing a note that Kroger was going to sponsor our fuel for the ENTIRE trip that I realized I wasn't dreaming anymore.

I am completely blown away about the people who have agreed to be a part of this adventure to help make it possible. I'm dedicating this blog post to tell their story!

This trip would not be possible without . . .

Sponsors Logos.png

Kroger Fuel, Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine, and Grayson Subaru

Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine

The Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine is a state wide publication dedicated to sharing the stories of craft beer across our wonderful state. This made them an obvious and excellent partner in crime in accomplishing the mission of our trip. We are excited to announce that our trip is going to be their cover article for the 2017 spring issue. We can't thank Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine enough for their support.

Grayson Subaru

Grayson Subaru is located in West Knoxville and shares a similar passion of promoting and supporting small business ownership. They were eager to work with us to accomplish the goal of connecting people to the craft beer community. We felt Grayson Subaru and The TN Beer Run were an excellent match. They are local owned and operated and are dedicated to being a name you can trust. If you are in the market card we can honestly recommend them.

Kroger Fuel -

Just about everyone has shopped for groceries at a Kroger but have you fueled up too? With their combo or a grocery store and a fuel center you can pretty much do it all in one trip. The best part is with their rewards program you can get discounts on fuel when you shop at their stores. I've been going to Kroger since I was a boy and I distinctly remember always asking for a Kroger sticker to wear for the rest of the day. I'm beyond excited that they have agreed to sponsor our trip to provide our fuel across the state. 

Lastly, working with these sponsors seems too good to be true and we simply can't thank them enough for helping to make all of this crazy dream come true. 

I speak for Matt and Jessica when I say, we are so humbled!

With thanks,

Zack, The Brew Bus Guy